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Basic Soap Making Course

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Learn how to make soaps at the comforts and safety of your own home! This Basic Soap Making Course is designed to guide you on how to make cold process soaps at the comfort and safety of your own home. In this online course, you will: Learn how to make soaps using cold process method Make a batch of soap using a blend of oils to create a moisturizing soap with a rich lather Learn how to safely handle lye Learn how to use common soap making oils Learn how to customize and formulate your own recipe to suit your skin needs Learn how to use the soap calculator Learn how to use soap trace to your advantage Learn basic soap design techniques Get our comprehensive e-booklet Get 3 free soap recipes Learn some valuable soap hacks for easier and more fun soap sessions. There are over 3 hours of video tutorials spread over 11 modules. These videos were recorded from our live Basic Soap Making Online classes via Zoom so it is going to be like attending our live online class at your own convenient time. This course can be accessed for a full 60-day period, so to get the full benefit of your 60-day access, it is important to have all tools and raw materials ready if you want to make your soaps during the course.

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